A Page From My Diary.

——————————–Hari Oum—————————————-

Quote of the day:

”The snail has no hands, no feet. However,

gently the snail  climbs the tree.”

—Yoruba proverb.

View:The seven basic notes of Indian classical music

were borrowed from the calls of seven animals and birds.

But where did they learn their music from?

From the rolls of thunder, the whisper of leaves

and the murmer of the the river presumably.

”The man /woman that hath not music in him/herself,

nor is moved with concord of sweet sounds, is fit for

spoils; let no such man/woman be trusted.”

Play with letters:(Read downwards)



E D U  I  A


T R  A U S

I  S  T  L C

O T  E A  E

N  A— T N

— N—-E D


Divine corner:”The unknown factor which controls

man’s destiny is Providence and hence one must

understand that the results we get are what we

deserve and not what we desire.So mental

preparedness must be there.”

”The sun shines equally  on both the herb and the weed.

But to ensure that the herbal plant grows well, the weed

has to be destroyed. To maintain order/Dharma,  evil has

to be exterminated.”(Source:Collections)

Bhagavad Gita: Shri Krishna says–

”You ‘perceive’ the world through the glass of your belief.

You don’t ‘see’ how it is.”

”Creation is the projection into form of that which

already exists.”

Information about national animals of India:-

Bengal Tiger—-National animal.

Elephant–National heritage animal.

Peacock–National Bird.

Hanuman Langur—National icon.

King Cobra–National reptile.

Dolphin—National marine animal.

Diary:We live in a pent house in a housing complex at

Kankanady in Mangalore.We can have a better view of

Mangalore from the terrace. We can enjoy the cool wind.

But some negative points also are there. When the wind

blows,dust and insects enter the house through the open

windows.Birds like crows and eagles fly and sit on the roofs.

They drop pieces of bones and some people who come on

the terrace for evening walk drop cigarette butts; since sweeper

is not provided for cleaning the terrace by the management,

I have to clean the garbages myself in order to maintain hygiene.

And my advice to others who prefer pent house, is that they should

enquire whether there is a sweeper to clean the terrace,

before occupying the apartment.

Vani Hegde.


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