It is an acronym combining the first letters of

three great radio scientists, Hearst, Armstrong

and Marconi. Unlike the broadcast at a radio station,

which can be only heard, the HAM radio is a two-way

communication system.The amateur radio has a wealth

of information, combining computers, satellite, space,

broadcasting wireless radio, data and image and information

sciences. HAM is easy to handle. It can be used like a pocket

radio. HAM radio operators enjoy a digital network of their own,

all without wires. Amateur TV is just like a real one, a slow scan

TV which can send photographs around the globe, for little or no

cost. HAMs communicate through their own satellites. It is easy

to instal and use. HAM or amateur radio operators help in any

type of disasters by way of emergency communications.

There are about  20,000 HAM operators in India. A licence

is given to operators to set up their own stations, by the

communication ministry, after a test.



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