5th Day Of Diwali.

Sisters celebrate their bond with  brothers

on the second day of newmoon.(5th day of Diwali).

Legend says that  Yamaraj,the Lord of death and

custodian of Hell, visited his sister Yami, who put

Tilak (an ornamental mark) on his forehead and prayed

for his well being.So it is held that anyone who receives

a  Tilak  from his sister would never be hurled into Hell.

Another legend says that on this day, Lord Krishna, after

slaying the demon Narakasura, went to his sister Subhadra,

who welcomed him with a lamp, flowers and sweets and put

the auspicious Tilak on her brother’s forehead.


Diwali wishes to all my beloved viewers:

”Wish you the success as bright as gold,

friends as solid as diamonds, love as deep

as ocean, difficulty (if at all) as light as air

and happiness as much as Sun’s glow–not

today or througout the year but always, always….

May God Bless You All.”

Vani Hegde.


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