What I likes In America.

I had  been to America 3 times, and each time

I had seen different tourist spots. Among countless

attractions there, I want to name a few:

Land is green. Environment is clean.

People are peaceful and affectionate.

People belonging to different communities

(Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Indians etc)

live in different colonies peacefully.

We can see a garden in front of every house.

Houses are insect free and well maintained.

For women, cooking is a pleasure there.

Grated coconuts and cleanly packed cut

vegetables are available in grocery shops.

We have to prepare only seasoning and

add vegetables and cook. No need to clean

the dust on the floor with broomstick and wash,

because there is machine for dust cleaning.

We need not apply liquid soap and wash the

vessels because there is machine for dishwash.

Clothes are dried in washing machine after cleaning.

We find a lot of leisure  and relief from household works.

Hygiene is the essence of  every restaurant. No traffic jam

because of oneway traffic system. Spitting or throwing of

waste on road is not allowed. Cops are duty conscious and

keep sharp watch on those who violate traffic rules.

Security measures are strict at airports.

Weather is beautiful. Ice covered hill tops and

emarald green forests -everything is attractive.

Shops are away from housing colonies.Each

family owns a car.A lot of recreation spots are

there for children to enjoy. I really enjoyed my

stay there in the company of my children and


By Vani Hegde.


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