Noble Quotes.

1)Borders are but lines on the map, which

cyclones and earthquakes do not respect.

Let not the lines divide hearts;

Let us build a world without border.

2)Rockets and missiles cannot stop

invading germs.

Stone walls and barbed wires cannot stop

deadly radiations.

3)The earth is not just what we pound beneath our feet.

It is in fact warm with colour and it lives and breathes in

all its colour–amber, caramel and russet glory.

4)A poor man though he speaks the truth, is not


5)Don’t criticize what you don’t understand.

6)Mind your mindset.

7)Hope that God is on our side;

But see that we are on God’s side.

8)Good Company, Excellent Books, Prayer make

a man monarch of three world.

9)Art of silence is as great as that of speech.

10)Love is in silent expression.

Love fills the depressing emptiness in life.



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