Health Corner.

1)Stem cells taken from bone marrow can

revitalise non-functional heart muscles—-

AIIMS(All India Institute of Medical Science,

New Delhi, India.) shows how.

2)Man’s best friend(=trained dog) sniffs out

cancer.They detect lung,breast and liver cancer

in breath;  bladder(kidney)cancer in urine and

melanoma on skin.The tumours gave off chemicals

for dogs to smell cancer–researchers found.

Historically doctors have used smell to make

diagnosis.Hippocrates described the fruity odour

of diabetes in the breath and the musty odour of

liver disease. The Yellow Emperor’s ”Classic of

Internal Medicine” counselled diagnosing lung

cancer by having patients spit into a fire; bacteria

laden sputum smells putrid.Dog tests are cheap

and useful in poor countries.Dogs however do not

replace X-rays,CTscans, fibre-optic scopes,

mammograms, Pap smears and other cancer

screens. Also most tests cannot tell a tumour

from a benign lump, as dogs apparently can.



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