Health Corner.

1)Potentially harmful particles (PAHs) are

released  into air when oil is heated to the

temperature needed to cook chips or stir

fries. Exposure to these chemicals  could

increase the chance of lung, breast and

bladder cancer, the scientists say.

2)Laughter enhances the level of immune-boosting

hormones and reduces secretion of stress  hormones

in the blood and the benefits can last up to a day–proved

by scientists.

3)What is a stem cell?

A stem cell is a single cell that can regenerate

and turn itself into one of several types of

specialized cells.

Stem cell resources:Human embryos, Adult

tissues and umbilical cord blood.

They can be magical bullets to cure such

debilitating diseases such as Parkinson’s,

Alzheimer’s or diabetes.

4)A study has shown that fathers often influence

the height of the child, while the mothers tend to

determine how fat they are.

5)Clove of garlic helps to beat tuberculosis.

Allicin, a potent anti oxidant present in garlic

prevents formation of multidrug resistant tuber-

culosis bacterium inside infected blood cells.



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