Smile For A While.

1)Crimes for which one cannot be punished are—

a)Killing of time;

b)murdering a language;

c)drowning a voice;

d)hanging a picture;

e)shooting a film;

f)breaking the silence;

g)stealing a heart;

h)cracking a joke.

2)The Smile Millionaire!

A smile is a bridge between a politician’s tall

promise and his null performance; it is the

most convincing alibi of a late coming secretary,

when she is confronted by a strict boss. When an

aircraft refuses to take off for hours, the ground

staff can cover the elusive distance of miles, with

frequently flying smiles.

The face has a thousand muscles. You  can organize

the same muscles either to manufacture a dimpled

smile or a crumbled frown. In both cases, the input

determines the output. In the case of a smile, the input

is a playful and relaxed mental state. Behind a frown,

is an uptight and obsessive ego, that needs to control


If you haven’t made the real millions, you can at least

be a smile millionaire. You cannot count these smile

millionaires, but they surely count in lifting the

spirit  of our country.(Author:Dr.Debashree Chatterjee)



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