Amusing Poems.

1)What is an examination?

They really are  a big botheration.

History, everyone hates,

because of those stupid dates.

Geography is equally bad,

The Maps make us mad.

Mathematics is a little bit good,

But the formulas spoil our mood.

Science is just nothing,

But the practical is something.

English is easy to read,

But Shakespeare is difficult to understand.

As examination is life’s parade,

There is no way to hide or evade.


2)The Boss drives his men;

The Leader inspires them.

3)The Boss depends on authority;

The leader depends on goodwill.

The Boss evokes fear;

The Leader radiates love.

The Boss says, ”I”.

The Leader says, ”we.”

The Boss shows, who is wrong,

The Leader shows, what is wrong.

The Boss knows how it is done,

The Leader knows how to do it.

The Boss demands respect,

The Leader commands respect.

So. be a Leader–not a Boss.

Poem:”Boss or Leader.”



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