Health Corner.

1)An indigenously developed computer-controlled

device dubbed ”cytotron” produces electro-magnetic

beams and enables regeneration of cells degraded by

the cancer.The procedure known as ”Rotational Field

Quantum Magnetic Resonance” (RFQMR) focus

specifically on cancer cells, causing malignant cells

to self destruct. It is completely non-invasive and

does not have any effect on surrounding healthy


On the other hand, more conventional methods

of treatment prevalent today such as chemotherapy

are notoriously  non-specific.This causes  normal

cells to stop multiplying along with the targeted

malignant ones — leading to serious hair loss,

nausea, vomitting and bone marrow suppression.

2)Ventilator pipe, the instrument meant for critically

ill patients for breathing, are found to be infested with

mutant microbes including bacteria, virus and fungai.

Since all types of patients are admitted to I.C.U.

ventilators get infested with all types of mutant

microbes, which go straight into lungs through

the patient’s  windpipe, resulting in VAP(Ventilator

Associated Pneumonia).—Report by AIIMS(All India

Institute of Medical Sciences).



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