World Of Words.

1)Mano De Dios = the hand of the divine.

2)Saifullah = sword of Allah.

3)Photography = drawing with light (Greek word ).

4)Chemmanur = rich red colour.

5)Kanniha = victory.

6)Glasnot = opening up.

7)Perestroika = reconstruction.

8)”X–O” =X stands for hug and O stands for kiss.

9)Kingfisher = a small or medium sized  brightly

coloured bird.

10)Tu =kick; Chu =ball made of animal hide/skin.

(In China,  nearly 2,000 years ago,there was a

sport named ”Tu chu” which resembled Foot-ball.)

11)Villi Villi = cyclone according to Australian Bureau

of Meteorology.

12)Boro Budur =many Buddhists. It is a 9th

century Mahayana sect Buddhist temple complex,

near  Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia.

13)Gazette = an official government  journal

or newspaper of records. Government of India

notifications are published in it.

14)Barbarian = Barba =beard (in Latin);Greeks

used the word barbarian to mean bearded foreigners.

Barbara = nonAryans (in Sanskrit).

15)Wer =male humans in old English.

16)Wif = female human.

17)Left =weak or worthless (Germanic root)

18)Platonic= the phrase is a substitute for saying

”just good friends.”

19)Opus Dei= work of God

20)Dyslexic = inability to read and write.



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