Health Corner.

1)Techies or software  professionals are prone to

computer vision syndromes—drying eyes, blurring

eyesight, lower back ache, numbness in wrists and

hands and insomnia.

2)Breast feeding helps mother, cut risk of  developing

type II diabetes and lower rates of breast and ovarian

cancer—researchers report.

3)Don’t skip breakfast. The protein stops muscle

breakdown, carbohydrates replenish energy and

healthy fat burns the stored fat. Regular breakfast

reduces overweight. The people who ate breakfast

everyday were found to be less likely to suffer from

insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes.

4)Haldi(turmeric) holds cure for brain strokes.

”Curcumin”, a component in turmeric, regulates

blood flow in the brain and helps in  treating cancer,

tumour and skin infections.

5)Throwing a raw egg to someone may carry

a high risk of causing blindness, when  smashed

against  the soft tissue of the eyeball.—Britain’s

Royal Liverpool University Hospital’s Doctor’s

report says.

6)Consumption of  Vitamin C, 500gr. a day in

the form of tablets, leafy vegetables or citrus

fruits can  protect chain smokers from lung


7)Natural treatment for gastric disorders–ulcers,

colitie, crohn’s disease etc–try Aloe  juice or


8)Stay out of AC for good health. In sealed rooms,

the air which circulates and re-circulates becomes

dirty and ideal for moulds, bacteria and fungus to

grow, causing respiratory  problems.



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