Gems Of Thought.

1)It is better to  let the grass grow under your feet

than over your head.

2)Nature has so made us that we do not see our

backs; it is reserved for others to see them. Hence,

it is wise to profit by what they see.

3)A tree that stands straight,  can have crooked roots.

4)It is better to bind your children to you, by respect

and gentleness rather than fear.

5)It is not God, who makes man wicked. It is man

who makes himself wicked by seperating himself

from God.

6)Remain always strong and steadfast in thy

own faith but eschew all bigotry and intolerance.

7)3 ”c” of safe driving are:-caution, courtesy,


Your car has a steel body–you haven’t;

Your car has no head- use your own;

Children on the roads are to be seen–not hurt.



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