Animal Qualities.

We display an extra ordinary reliance on the

world of animals to express ourselves:-graceful

as a swan, sly as a fox, doe-eyed, crocodile tears,

snail’s pace, foxy look, dogged determination, bee

in the bonnet, an albatross around the neck,

sing like a cuckoo, bray like a donkey, jump

like a monkey,roar like a lion, dance like a

peacock, move like a swan, run like a deer,

talk like a parrot etc.

The animal kingdom and nature in general, is

therefore a rich source of this common pool of

meaning. Eg:goose bumps, bull-headed; such

expressions  paint a picture of the quality, we

want to describe.

Quote:When it rains, all the ordinary birds take shelter

under the tree.However, the noble eagle faces the rain

by flying high above the clouds. The underlining message

is that even if the problem is the same to all,each one faces

it in a unique way.



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