White Is Bright.

White reflects all the seven rays of the Sun and

is dazzling  in its purity. Angels are attired in white.

White is the colour of the chariot of Sun God and

so are the colours of the horses pulling the carriage.

”Vahana”(vehicle) of Saraswathi, Goddess of letters

is a white swan. Among metals, silver, the sparkling

white metal is used in religious offerings, puja utensils

and in umbrellas spread over deities during processions.

The white clothing is considered immune from impurity.

Though normally widows wear white in North India, it is

not necessarily an expression of sorrow, but of purity

and serenity.A kerala (name of a State) bride, dresses

in a white gold edged sari. Similarly a Brahmachari(un-married)

wears white to proclaim his celibacy. Black ink and white paper

make a lovely pair.



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