A Page From My Diary.

———————–Hari   Oum————–

1)Magic with maths:

1)5555 see 5+5+5+5=25; 2+5=7

4444 see 4+4+4+4=16; 1+6=7

3333 see 3+3+3+3=12; 1+2=3

6666 see 6+6+6+6=24; 2+4=6

9999 see 9+9+9+9=36; 3+6=9

How can you make the following equation true by

drawing only one straight line?


Answer:5 45+5=550.

(Draw a line on the first plus(+)sign and it becomes4!

The equation then will be as above.

2)Quote of the day:

We all have a child inside us, and can celebrate

children’s day, particularly after hard day’s work.

3)Health corner:

Taking a dip with Dolphins can be a  tremendous

therapy for people with depression:Study(British

Medical Journal)

Eating greens (cruciferous vegetables like

cabbage,broccoli etc) cut lung cancer risk.

These vegetables have chemicals called

”isothiocyanates” which strongly protects

the lungs from cancer.

4)Do you know?

Pearls melt in vinegar.

5)A poem:

From a bush with thorns, comes the beautiful rose.

From a broken heart, comes powerful prose.

From  a cramped cocoon, comes a butterfly new.

From a tough mountain climb, comes a breath-taking view.

6)Divine corner.

Conscience is inner warning that someone is looking

what we’re doing.

Flowers are the sweetest thing that God created–

and forgot to put a soul into.

Japa or repetition of God’s name, helps to activate

a resource centre in our system that is otherwise


Saints have a social role–to arrest moral degradation

of society, to forge unity and brotherhood among different


7)Diary:I am interested in watching comic serials in T.V.

A comedian was explaining to the audience about a

humorous situation, he faced when he met an old friend.

Whatever you say with him, he would reply”O! Really?”

The comedian  introduces his father to his friend and

says,”This is my father.” The friend remarks, ”O! really?”

And next time, when the comedian met his friend, he had

changed his dialogue. And this time when the comedian displayed the

the newly purchased shirt, the friend exclaimed,”O! My God!”

Vani Hegde.


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