Silence And Speech.

There are many kinds of silence–

the silence of an empty room, the silence

of the mountains, the silence of prayer or

the enforced silence of loneliness– but the

best kind of silence is the silence that comes

after the cessation of noise.—Ruskin Bond.

Silence in speech and mind is also a form of

austerity–says  Bhagavadgita. It is not only

reluctance to speak; it is calmness of mind

that enables you to hear the guiding voice

of God within. Silence is a vehicle for individual


Silence your mind and it loses its power over you.

You can free yourself from the illusion of the world.

Your ability and how far you go is dependent  on

”how free” you are from the tyranny of mind.

Silencing of the mind helps you to choose your

thoughts and to change the content of mind.

Speech—Most people speak, because they find

speech more tolerable than silence.For the stressed

and distressed, speaking does offer easy distraction

from turmoil within. Speech is a powerful and essential

means for communication.It is a vehicle for social transformation.



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