Do You Know?

1)There are 2 states having the same name–”Georgia”.

One is a state located in the southeastern  United States.

Another is a sovereign state in  the South Caucasus region

of Eurasia.

2)Jamun seeds are effective in controlling diabetes.

3)In Japan, they grow a variety of lemon which tastes

sweet during sun-set but gives a very different and bitter

taste during day time.

4)Some valuable and rare works of poet Nagarjuna (2AD)

have been discovered at a village named Medigeshi,

in Madhugiri Taluk of Tumkur District, Karnataka. One

of these ancient treatises describes the art of converting

ordinary metals into gold. These treatises are reported to

be preserved in Department of Kannada And Culture in

J.C.Road Bangalore.

5)Ganjifa arts(painting on cards) originated in Karnataka.

King of Mysore,Krishnaraja Odeyar III(1794–1868) invented

playing card games under the name ”Mysore Chada(==leaf in

Kannada) Ganjifa.” Court artists  painted on sandalwood and

ivory cards using squirrel brushes, dipped in paints derived from

vegetable and mineral sources.



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