Do You Know?

1)Museum(a Latin word)=the temple of Muse,

one of 9 Goddesses of the liberal arts.

2)”A number” usually takes a plural verb and

”The number” takes a singular verb.

eg:”A number” of people ‘were’ injured in the


”The  number” of people owning washing machines

‘has’ increased.

3)Banyan tree bark is anti-diabetic. An extract

from the bark of the banyan tree reduces sugar

levels in blood and can be used in combination

with insulin for treatment of diabetes, according

to latest research findings.

4)The elephant is the only  mammal that

cannot jump.

5)Planet Venus does not tilt as it goes round the

Sun. So, consequently it has no seasons at all.

6)Keep the bedroom windows open to have a

good night’s sleep. Not many people are aware

that their body temperature must go down to get

a good night’s sleep.

7)Hail rarely falls during winter.

8)The only single acid capable of dissolving gold

is Selenic acid.

9)Solitary trees are struck by lightning more often

than trees in a group.

10)Freon is used as a coolant in refrigerators.

11)Static is caused by weather disturbances  such as

lightning , thunder storms which are frequent in summer.

Radio static is  more  pronounced in summer than at any

other time.

12)6th century Varahamihir’s treatise ”Brihat Samhita”

describes some plant species and termite mounds which

indicate ground water and mineral resources( i.e.-bio indicators).



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