Beware Of The Sentiments Of The Children.

I remember the quote of an author, who writes-

”Children begin by loving their parents. After

a time,they judge them. Rarely if ever, do they

forgive them.” Try to understand their feelings.

If they do mischiefs, do not punish them harshly

or inflict insults upon them in front of others and

hurt their self respect. Children are very sensitive

and will not forgive you after they grow up into adults.

If they misbehave with you or respect not you, try to

remember whether you had hurt their sentiments during

their childhood days. Parents, forget not that insult injures

and breaks the tender heart of a child. Know that absence

of love of parents may cause  a child to grow up into an

aggressive or depressive youth. Try to describe the child

about the harmful effects of mischiefs caused by him or her

and persuade the child that s/he would be rewarded suitably for

good behaviour at every week end.Love and patience only can bring

the desired transformation in a mischievous child.

Vani Hegde.


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