A Page From My Diary.

————————Hari Om—————————

Keep in mind–

”At home, it is kindness.

In business it is honesty.

In society, it is  courtsy.

In work, it is thoroughness.

In play, it is fairnsess.

Towards the fortunate, it is congratulations.

Towards the weak, it is help.


I.C.S.E.=I Can’t Speak English.

Q:Which room cannot be entered?


Q:On which table you cannot write?


Quote of the day—-

It is not ”what you eat” that gives you illness,

but  ”what eats you” (negative thoughts).

Magic in maths—

37×3=111; 37×6=222; 37×9=333

37×12=444; 37×15=555; 37×18=666

37×21=777; 37×24=888; 37×27=999

Divine corner–

There is a natural upsurge of energies in the

human body on Full-moon day and Blue-moon

days.Any worship performed  on these days by

the spiritual seeker has a greater impact on the


Health corner–

Those who took ginger extract daily(upto 250Mgs)

showed  significant  reduction in knee pain and

increase in mobility. The benefits were optimal

after 6 months treatment of arthritis.

Diary-U.S.commemorates the 10th anniversary of

the terrorist  attack on World Trade Cetre. The twin

tower blasts  on September 11, 2001 killed nearly

3000 people.

Our homage:

”Times may hide  our sadness,

smiles may hide our tears, but gates of memory

never close.And as each year departs, memories are

engraved  deeper in our hearts.” While my heart weeps

silently for the innocent people killed in the tragedy, my mind

remembers the two characters- one is the son of God, Jesus

and the other one is the repentant sinner described in a story,

who begs God to forgive him. Jesus begs his eternal

Father to forgive the sinners who tortured him, whereas

the repentant sinner argues with God that since he repents

for the wicked deeds done by him and turned towards Him

with purified heart, He should forgive him; otherwise there

would be no difference between him and the Lord.

Vani Hegde.


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