Herbivores And Carnivores.

Human anatomy and physiology reveal that

humans are vegetarian animals.

Like a vegetarian animal, our small and large

intestines measure 4 times the length of  our

body;  whereas, in case of carnivores, it is almost

of the same size of the  animal. We do not have

fangs and claws like carnivores.

Human saliva is alkaline, containing ptyalin to

digest  carbohydrates, whereas in carnivores,

it is acidic. Carnivores digest  a highly  proteinous

flesh diet, for which  their gastric secretion is highly

acidic, whereas  the human secretion is less acidic.

Humans perspire through body pores, whereas  the

carnivores perspire through their tongues. Carnivores

see in darkness, whereas humans and herbivores find

it difficult to see in darkness.

”To enjoy food is alright, but to be a slave to it, is the

bane of life.”–Paramahamsa  Yogananda.

”The more one concentrates on the palate, the more

s/he invites diseases.



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