Facts About Draupadi And Janaki.

Mahabharath, which is a repository of priceless

thoughts on religion, philosophy,mysticism, morality

and polity, has been aptly described as  the Fifth Veda.

”Draupadi” was a title of honour granted to the 5 cousins

of the Drupad family, out of whom ”Bhavya” was the actual

Draupadi  wedded to Arjuna in ”Swayamvara”(a practice of choosing

a husband among the suitors by a bride). The other four  (Bhoumya,

Manika,Sulalitha and Suramya) were given away in marriage  to the

other brothers  of  Arjuna according to seniority of age. They

were not mentioned  as they had no important role to play.

Sita, heroine of Ramayana  too had been wedded to Ram

through a ”Swayamvara” and her female cousins were

married off to Rama’s brothers. All of them were honoured

as ”Janaki” in the Janak family. Kunti (mother of Pandavas)

evidently  meant that they should accept  the girls  according

to  the proposal of the  Drupads.



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