Health Corner.

1)Air poluution and smoking can make you bald.

Toxins and carcinogens which are found in polluted

air can actually stop hair growing  by blocking mechanisms

that produce the protein from which the hair is made.

2)Stress Management: H.O.P.E.





3)Every now and then go away, have a little relaxation.

For, when you come back to your work, you will be sure

of judgement, since to remain constantly at work, will

cause you to lose power of judgement.–Leonardo Da Vinci.

4)All healing power is within your body.

Nature cure is the safest and most permanent cure.

Do not eat in a tense state or in a hurry.

Good health depends upon a well balanced diet

and a happy attitude towards life.

Eat according to your day-to day appetite but fill

only 3/4 of your stomach.

Yoga has a complete message for humanity. It has a

message for body,mind and soul.

Release tension by Shavasana (corpse or death pose;

shava=corpse and asana=posture in Sanskrit) and relaxation.

Do not become workaholic. Avoid worry, anxiety,

jealousy, anger and vanity.

A disciplined life makes you live long and happy.

Nature is rich, let her enrich you.

5)Liver cancer can be cured by burning the tumour

or injecting drugs directly  into tumour cells.

6)By being pencil thin, you end up being infertile.

7)Drinking non-alcoholic (soft drink) carbonated

beverages may weaken female bones.



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