Health Corner.

1)Nose ring is a religious symbol  for Hindus. When

you have your nose pierced, the stud goes through a

nerve in your nose, which Hindus believe helps give

children and eases child birth.

2)After age 30, you lose about 1% of your muscle

mass each year. Exercising regularly prevents this.

3)By circulating air, fans lower the risk of re-breathing

exhaled carbon dioxide.

4)The four healing powers (qualities of mind) are

positive images, words, feelings and belief. If we

can maintain the positive images in our minds for

some duration, the healing (of our mental, emotional

and physical afflictions) will be more  intimate and effective.

5)Carrots, radishes, tomatoes, watermelon, purple grape juice,

orange juice, garlic, spinach, green tea and olive oil–all these

foods have been shown to lower risk of breast cancer.



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