Facts About Three.

Facts about three-”God” and ”Aum” have 3 alphabets each.

There are 3 regions in the universe–the celestial, the terrestial

and the nether region.

Asentence consists of 3 parts–subject, verb and predicate.

Literature is divided into 3 parts–prose, poetry and fiction.

Shiva and Parvathi are endowed with 3 eyes.

There are 3 saluting fingers and for the scouts these hold out

3 promises of good behaviour.

There are 3 primary colours-red, blue and yellow.

”        ”  3 dimensions  in space-length, breadth and

height or thickness.

There are 3  ”R”s–writing,reading and arithmetic.

3 Divisions of a day–morning, noon and evening.

3 Main musical instruments–a)the Flute, played by

Lord Krishna, from which emanate all air instruments;

b)the Veena played by Goddess Saraswathi, from which

emanate all string instruments and

c)the mridangam played by Ganesha, from which emanate

all percussion  instruments.

Prophet Mohammed said, the position of mother is 3 times

higher than that of the father.

”Talaq” utterred 3 times by either  of the 2 parties, under

certain conditions, makes the marriage null and void under

Islamic law.



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