Spiritual Corner.

1)Shiva and Shankara are  worshipped  distinctly as God

and deity respectively.

Deities are the highest creations of God, addressed  as Lord,

appear in cyclone of birth and death, while God is formless,

beyond joy and sorrow and never  appears in the cyclone of

birth and death. Deities are pure beings while God only is

purifier of all impure beings.

2)One thing that the world badly needs today is harmony.

Lack of spirituality causes disharmony.Either people become

aggressive and violent because of it or they become sad and

depressed  and commit  suicide. The answer for this is spirituality.

—Shri Shri Shri Ravi Shankar Guruji.

3)LIFE=Look Inviting; Feel Exciting.

4)Life is so dark, difficult to foresee.

Life is so cruel, difficult to compromise.

Life is so uncertain,difficult to predict.

Life is so deep,difficult to fathom.

Life is so long, difficult to measure.

Life is so broad, difficult to define.

Yet, the breadth can be encircled by widening your mind;

the length can be measured by foresight;

the depth can be touched by self realisation;

the  uncertainty can be predicted by knowing the meaning of life;

the cruelty can be fought by building up self confidence;

the darkness can be driven by  enlightening your mind.

5)Even a multi-millionaire has to be content with ordinary

food. He cannot live on a diet of gold.

When the time is unpropitious, a stick may turn into a snake.

While, when it is favourable day, dust may turn into gold.

The wheel of time may/can make a scholar, a dumb animal.

And a dumb man can become a saint.

And a wealthy man may become a plaything of Goddess of

poverty at any time.

Whatever your prayers you cannot get what you are not

destined to get.

Don’t cherish, Oh! young men, any desire; lead instead

a noble life with intelligence.

Centuries flash fast. What do we desire?

To breathe air, that’s not poisoned by pollutants.

To drink water that is pure.

To drive on roads that are not death traps.

To take an evening stroll, without the fear of being mugged.

To go on boating in lakes that are not  filled with sewage

from our homes and hazardous wastes from our industries.

To have a government that serves the people, not loot them.

6)Three things to:-

1)Respect–old age, religion and law.

2)Admire–intellect, beauty and music.

3)Cultivate–sympathy, cheerfulness and contentment.

4)Stick to–promise, friendship and love.

5)Govern–tongue, temper and action.

6)Prevent–idleness, falsehood and slang.

7)Watch–word, behaviour and character.

8)Love–honesty, purity and truth.

9)Avoid—drinking, smoking and gambling.



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