Important Events Of August 10th.

1)Saint Lawrence Feast Day (Born on  c 225). He was

one of the 7 deacons of ancient Rome, who was martyred

during the persecution of Valerian on 10 August, c 258.

According to lore, among the treasures of the Greek church

entrusted to Lawrence for safe-keeping, was the Holy Chalice,

the cup from which Jesus and the Apostles drank at the Last

Supper. Today it is venerated in a special chapel, in the Catholic

Cathedral of Valentia, Spain.

2)Birthday of Mala Shree (1973),Kannada film actress. She excelled

in homely and tomboyish roles. Her portrayal of haughty, shrewish

woman in the movie, won her many accolades heralding her as the

top Kannada actress. Her portrayal of a young girl inflicted with

cancer and her simple desire in life, won  her the Filmfare Best

Actress Award in the year 1991.

3)Birthday of  Late Varaha Venkata Giri (V.V.Giri), the 4th

President of  the Republic of India from 24 August 1969 to

23 August 1974. He was born on 10 August 1894, into a

Telugu-speaking family at Berhampur (presently in Orissa)

in the former Presidency of Madras. He went to Ireland

to study laws and  became associated with the Sinn Fein

Movement. He came in close contact with important

personalities like Michael Collins, Patrick Pearse and

Eamon de Valera.He drew his inspiration from them in

his fight for freedom of India. He participated in Quit India

movement and was  arrested.He was a prominent Congress leader,

prolific writer and a good orator. He had penned two

books, one on  ”Industrial  Relations” and the other on

”Labour Problems in Indian Industries”. He was responsible

for the formation of the All India Trade Union Congress, of

which he was  President twice in 1926 & 1942. He was also

one of the founders of  All India Railwaymen’s Federation (1923).

In 1947, he was appointed as India’s High Commissioner to Ceylon.

In 1957, he headed a team of prominent public personalities &

academicians to establish The Indian Society of Labour Economics (ISLE).

He was awarded Bharat Ratna  in 1975. He passed away on 23 June 1980.



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