Important Events Of August 4th.

1)Birthday of The Queen Mother,  Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon,

(4 August,1900 to  30 March, 2002 ), the Queen consort

of King George VI. She was the last queen consort of Ireland

and Empress  consort of  India. She continued an active public

life  until just a few months before her death, at the age of 101,

seven weeks after the death of her younger daughter,  Princess


2)Birthday of Kishore Kumar Ganguly (4 August, 1929 to

13 October, 1987), an North Indian  film  playback singer.

He was also an actor, lyricist, composer, director, screen-

writer & script writer. He was born as  Abhas Kumar

Ganguly  in Khandwa. He sang in many Indian languages

including Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Assamese, Gujarati,

Bhojapuri, Malayalam  & Oriya. He was the winner of  8

Filmfare Awards  for Best Male Playback Singer.

His brother Ashok Kumar was a renowned Bollywood

actor. Kishore Kumar’s marriage to some of the most

popular  & attractive actresses (Madhubala, Yogeeta

Bali, Leena Chandavarkar), raised the eyebrows  but

added to his popularity. His acting talent  as a comedian

along with his amazing  singing voice  made him a great

performer who bordered on the genius and like  most

geniuses,  he was notoriously  eccentric. As his fame grew,

so did stories of his  eccentricities. He put up a board outside

his house saying,”This is a Lunatic  Asylum.” He reportedly

spoke to his trees in his backyard addressing each by a special

name. He succumbed to  major heart attack  in 1987.

3)Birthday of Barack Hussein Obama (1961 ), the 44th

and current  President of United  States. Previously he

served as a U.S. Senator  from Illionois.He was born in

Honolulu, Hawai. He was named the 2009  Nobel Peace

Prize laureate. Michelle Obama is his wife. Malia and

Sasha are his two daughters. He assumed office as

Democratic Presidential candidate, on 20 January,

2009 after defeating  Republican nominee John McCain

in the 2008 Presidential election. Among his lucky charms are

the tiny idol of  Lord Hanuman, an Indian God, a tiny Madonna

and child. He is an exceptional orator. He appointed two women

to serve  on the  Supreme  court and thus raised the number of

women sitting simultaneously on the court, to three. He signed

Health Care & Education Reconciliation Act, Tax Relief, Unemployment

Insurance Reauthorization Act, Job Creation Act, American Recovery &

Reinvestment Act etc, and served the economic interests of the country.



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