Important Events Of August 3rd.

1)NASA’s mercury-bound, Messenger spacecraft was

launched by Boeing Delta 2nd. Messenger, which  left

the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida on August 3,

2004 attained the arbit  around mercury,  after 7 years on March,

17,  2011, where it will begin mapping the rest of the planet. Greek

astronomers believed the planet to be two seperate objects:

one visible at sunrise, which they called Apollo; the other,

visible only at sunset, which they called Hermes. The English

name for the planet, comes from the Roman’s  who named it

after the Roman God Mercury, which they equated with the

Greek Hermes.

2)Birthday of Rashtra Kavi (national poet) Maithili Sharan Gupta;

(3,August, 1886 to 12,December 1965); he was one of the most

important  modern  Hindi poets.He was a pioneer of Khadi Boli

(plain dialect).Mahavir Prasad Dwivedi was his mentor. He was

born on Chirgaon, Jhansi, in a  Gahoi family. Set Ramacharan

Gupta was his father.He disliked school as a child, so his father

arranged for his education  at their home.He studied Sanskrit,

English Hindi and Bengali. His first major work was ”Rang Mein

Bhang.” It was a small epic poem. His famous work ”Saket,” revolves

around  Urmila, wife of  Lakshmana & a lesser-known  character in

Ramayana. ”Yashodhara”, revolves  around the wife of Gautama

Buddha,  Yashodhara. He translated Rubaiyats of Omar  Khayyam

& Swapna Vasavadatta  ( a Sanskrit play) into Hindi.  He wrote

dramas like  ”Tilottama” &  ”Chandrahasa.” His brother  Siya Ram

Sharan Gupta also was  a famous poet. Munshi Ajmiri, the third

poet of Chirgaon was a close ally of  Maithili Sharan Gupta. He

is considered among the pioneers of  Khari Boli. He wrote  his

poems in”Khari Boli” (plain dialect), at a time when  most Hindi

poets favoured the use of Brajbhasha.His ”Bharat Bharati” is a

nationalist poem which glorifies the  history, culture and tradition

of  India.  An admirer of Hindi literature can easily

estimate the depth of this immortal poet by his last lines…

”Hey Life! Don’t get crazy for this mortal world. You can’t

find true love here.This is a  beautiful trap, so stop wandering

here.Look upward (towards Heaven ) dear. That’s the only place

where  you can find long lasting relations. There’s the heaven,

there’s the source of ultimate pleasure where you have your own people.”

He was awarded ”Padma Vibhushana” by the Government of

India on 1954. ”Vishnu Priya”  (1959) was his last  poetic work,

which depicts the personalities of  characters ,Chaitanya Maha

prabhu and his queen consort Vishnupriya.Gandhiji honoured

him with the title ”Rashtra Kavi”(National poet). He was made

the honorary member of Rajya Sabha (Upper House  of the

Parliament) w.e.f 1947  until his death on 1965 .

3)Birthday of  Padma Shri, Vidya Vachaspathi  Shri Bannanje

Govindacharya (1936). He hails from Bannanje locality of Udupi,

Karnataka.He is well versed in Madhva tradition and one of the

foremost vedic scholars in the world today. He was the son of

Tarkakesari (Master of logic) S. Narayanacharya. Bannanje is

best known for his ”pravachanas” (spiritual preachings) among

Tuluvas and Kannadigas all over the world.The spiritual community

would forever be  immensely indebted to him for bringing into light

”Sarva Moola Granthagalu” of Acharya Madhva, that was hidden

from the world for the last 750 years or so.He said, ”Philosophy

is best understood by those who know psychology, Science &

Mathematics.” He was the script and dialogue writer for movies

on Shri Adi Shankaracharya and Shri Madhwacharya. Some of

the outstanding revelations, he has made in his  lectures are:

1)Concepts of  relative space, absolute space, inaccessible space

etc,  in  ”Bhagavata  Tatparya”.

2)Revelations of existence of ultra violet rays, by Acharya Madhwa

in his ”Anu Vyakhyana.”

3)Statement of all 6 recurring digits of the ratio 22/7 (pi) in the

”Brihad Bhashya of Acharya Madhwa.



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