Important Events Of July 30th.

1)”International Friendship Day”–The General Assembly

of United Nations, on April 27, 2011 declared  July 30 as

official International Friendship Day. Traditionally, the

day takes place on  the first Sunday of August. Dr.Artemio

Bracho proposed it on 1958 at Paraguay.On this day people

celebrate friendship by sending s.m.s. or greeting cards.

”A true friend is one, who  overlooks ur failures and

appreciates ur successes.”

2)Raj Kumar,popular cine actor of Sandalwood

(Kannada film industry) was abducted by  forest

brigand Veerappan,on July 30, 2000 from his

ancestral home in Gajanur, where he had gone

for the house-warming ceremony. He was released

on November 15, 2000 without harm, after  108 days

in captivity.

3)Birthday of Sonu Nigam (1973), an Indian playback singer.

4)Bharath Beedi Works Pvt Ltd, which produces ”Thirty Brand”

beedies,  was founded on July 30,1930, in the small town of Karkala

by Shri  B. Manjunath Pai. Today it has given birth  to a chain of

establishments at various  places in the States of  Karnataka and

Kerala with a ”Tobacco Curing & Blending Centre” at Nipani & all

of them roll out beedies. The company, today rolls out over 60

million beedies a day and  has employed  around 50,000 workers

directly and an equal number indirectly.The marketing network of

”Thirty Brand” beedies,  spans the entire nation. In the recent years,

”Thirty Brand” beedies have found a eager  market abroad, especially

the Middle East.

5)Death anniversary  of  Tulasidas (1622), devotee of Lord

Rama, saint, poet and composer of ”Ramacharita Manasa”,

a poetic masterpiece. He was born on 1532 at Rajapur, in

Uttar Pradesh.

6)Death anniversary (1960) of Gangadharrao Deshpande,great

freedom fighter , congress leader and ”Lion of Karnataka.” He

was born on March 31,1871 at Jalalpur, on the banks of river

Krishna in Belgaum.He was an ardent disciple of Tilak.

7)Death anniversary of Otto Von Bismarck (1898), who

designed the German Empire in 1871, becoming it’s first

Chancellor & dominating its affairs until he was removed

by Wilhelm 2nd in 1890. His diplomacy of Realpolitic,

(a system of politics based on practical and not necessarily

moral considerations) and powerful rule, earned him the

nickname, ”The Iron Chancellor.” Bismarck’s  most important

legacy is the unification of Germany, which had existed as a

collection of hundreds of seperate principalities and free cities

since the formation of the Holy Roman Empire. He was born

on April 1st, 1815.

8)Birthday of Henry Ford (1863), a prominent American

industrialist & the founderof Ford Motor Company. He was

among the 18, included in Gallup’s ”List of widely Admired

People” of the 20th century, from a poll conducted of the

American people in December, 1999.He was known worldwide,

especially in the 1920’s for a system of ”Fordism”, that seemed

to promise modernity, high wages and cheap consumer goods.

He died of cerebral  hemorrhage on April 7, 1947 at the age of 83.

The United States Postal Service honored Ford with a Prominent

American’s Series (1965–1978) postage stamps.



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