Important Events Of July 28th.

1) Death anniversary of Charu Majumdar (1972), the organiser

of Naxalbari movement, (which started in Naxalbari, a small village

in Darjeeling district of West Bengal) and founder of  Communist

Party of India (marxist). He was born in 1918 at  Siliguri, West Bengal.

When the state government ruthlessly suppressed the  Naxalbari

movement, (the  uprising of the militant peasants of Naxalbari), whose

backbone was broken,  he went  into hiding.He was captured from

the hide-out and  imprisoned. He died in  the custody at the Alipore

central jail, Kolkata.

2)Birthday of Ayesha Jhulka (1975),Bollywood actress.

3)World Hepatitis Day has been  led  by World Hepatitis

Alliance since 2007 and on  May 2010, it got global

endorsement from the World Health Organisation.

The celebration of the day is to raise  awareness about

hepatitis B and C, two forms of life threatening liver

disease, to encourage prevention , diagnosis and treatment.

The day also recognizes the birthday of Nobel Laureate Prof.

Blumberg, the discoverer of the Hepatitis B virus.

4)Death anniversary of Saint Alphonso (1946), a Kerala nun Sister,

who at the age of seven had dedicated herself to serving Jesus Christ,

calling him, ”my divine spouse”. She was born on August 19th, 1910

at Kudamaloor in Kottayam district. Anna was her baptismal name.

She lost her mother when she was very young & showed inclination

for religious life, despite suffering from various illnesses. She spent

most of her life in a Clarist convent of Franciscan order. She was a

noble woman, who lived all human virtues in their fullness.

Hundreds of miraculous cures are claimed for her intervention,

many of them involving straightening of clubbed feet, possibly

because of her having lived with deformed feet herself. Two of

these cases were  submitted to the ”Congregation for the Causes

of Saints”, as  proof of her miraculous intervention. The continuing

cures are chronicled in the magazine, ”Passion Flower”.   She was a

moving temple and people would find the face of Jesus in her.Really

her life was  a holocaust of love. She was unknown to the public until

her death. She is the first Indian  woman to be elevated  to  sainthood.

She was beatified by Pope John Paul 2nd in 1986 and  canonized as a

saint by Pope Benedict 16th,  on 12th  October,2008 at a ceremony at

Saint Peter’s Square.

5)First World War started on July 28, 1914. The assassination on

28 June, 1914  of Ferdinand of Austria, the heir to the throne of

Austria-Hungary, by a Yugoslav nationalist, resulted in declaration

of war against Serbia on July 28, 1914. It was  followed by the German

invasion of Belgium, Luxembourg and  France and a Russian attack

against Germany. The war involved all the world’s great powers which

were assembled  in two opposing alliances-the Allies and the Central

Powers. Some 9 to 10 million combatants are estimated to have died

during  the world  war first, along with an estimated 6.6 million civilians

who died due to famines, epidemic diseases  and genocide.

The war ended when Germany agreed to a  ceasefire

on 11 November, 1918, later known as Armistice day.

6)Birthday of West Indian cricketer, Sir Garfield Sobers.

He is a former cricketer who captained West Indies.

He was born on 1936 in Bridgetown, Barbados. He is widely

regarded as  one of cricket’s greatest ever all-rounders, having

excelled at all essential skills of batting, bowling and fielding. He was

knighted by Queen Elizabeth 2nd in 1975 for  his services  to  cricket.

7)Birthday of Vamana Bendre (1935), son of D.R.Bendre,

a great Kannada poet. He is a novelist and playwright.

He was born in Ranebennur.He penned a thesis on poet

Lakshmisha’s  ”Jaimini Bharatha” under the guidance of

R,S,Mugali. This fetched him a doctorate from Pune

University in 1967. His anthologies  in Kannada include,

”Olave Baduku”, ”Shruthi”, ”Ananta Dhare”,”Modalu Todalu”.

His play-writing skills are expressed in volumes, ”Soni Ganappa

Banda”, ”Sparsha” and 30 radio plays.

8)Birthday of Subhash B.Agarwal (1948), an Indian professional

player and national coach of Indian Railway Billiards & Snooker

Team since 2000 until retirement. He is 3 times national champion

for Billiards & runner up in World Billiards.Government of India

honoured him with Arjuna award (1984).He received ”Shiv Chatrapati ”

award from Maharashtra  state government in 1985. He  retired from

Indian Railways as Deputy Chief Commercial Manager on

superannuation on 31st May 2007.

9) A passenger plane, belonging to the private Airblue service, Karachi

was flying from southern port city of Karachi, when it crashed into

Margala  Hills, north of Islamabad,  the Pakistani capital, while

trying to land in rainy and cloudy conditions, killing all 152

passengers and crew on board. It is the deadliest air accident

to occur in Pakistan  to date.



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