Important Events Of July 27th.

1)Death anniversary of Bob Hope (2003), a legendary

comedian of Hollywood.He was a British born American

comedian and actor.He was born on May 29, 1903 at

Eltham, London, England and died  of Pneumonia at

Los Angeles on July 27, 2003. Throughout his career,

ha was honoured for his humanitarian work. He was

noted for his work with  the U.S.Armed forces and his

numerous U.S.O.shows entertaining American military

personnel.In 1996, U.S.Congress honoured him by

declaring him the ”first and only honorary veteran of

the armed forces”.

2)Death anniversary of Mathighatta (Hassan)

Krishnamurthy (2006), a well-known scholar

on Kannada Janapada (folksong) and writer.

He worked as journalist for newspapers  such

as Kannada Prabha. He was 95.

3)University of Mysore was started on 1916.The engineer-statesman

and Dewan Sir M.Visvesvarayya gave shape to the vision of establishing

a seperate University to cater to the needs of Mysore state as cherished

by His Highness Nalvadi Krishnaraja  Wodeyar, the then ruler of Mysore

who became the first chancellor of the University.The Mysore University

Library offers a collection of over 8 lakh books, 2400 journal titles and

1 lakh volumes of journals.The University has developed excellent

infrastructure for curricular & co-curricular activities. The main

campus features an amphitheatre, an auditorium, a swimming

pool & hostels for men and women with modern amenities.

4)World’s worst earthquake during 20th century, hits

Tangshan in China on July 27th,1976. The epicentre was

on the  northeast coast of China with rumblings felt as far

as 470 miles away. The magnitude  of the quake struck was

7.8 on Richter scale  and the death toll was between 2,55,000

and  6,55,000 and nearly 8,00,000 injuries.

5)Death anniversary of Salim Moizuddin Abdul Ali (1987),

Indian Ornithologist and  Naturalist known as the ”Birdman

of India”. He was born on November 12, 1896 in Mumbai.

He was the key figure behind the ”Bombay Natural History

Society.” He used his personal influence  to garner government

support for the  organization, create the Bharatpur bird sanctuary

and prevent destruction of what is now the Silent Valley National

Park. He was awarded 1976  Padma Vibhushana, the second highest

civilian  award, by the government of India.

6)Death anniversary of Amjad  Khan (1992 ), the acclaimed Indian

actor & director. He was born in Hyderabad  on 12th November,

1940. He was the son of legendary actor Jayant. He worked

in over 130 films in his film career spanning nearly twenty years.

He enjoyed popularity for his villain roles in Hindi  language  films.

He became  most famous after playing the role of the villain  Gabbar

Singh in Sholay (1975), which topped the British Film Institute’s

poll of ”Top 10 Indian Films” of all times. He died of heart failure

on 27th July 1992 at the age of 52.

7)Death anniversary of Ustad Bande Ali Khan (1895). The Beenkars

(Veena players ) pay homage  to him on Guru Poornima (fullmoon

day named after the ”Guru’ or teacher ) by offering  an incense stick,

flower or at least touch grave. Bande Ali Khan  hailed from North

India. He was born in 1830. He belonged to  the musician  gharana

of Hasan Khan. He was a very popular Been (binker) player  during

his time.Being a court musician in Indore, he also performed most

royal courts of North India. He even gave Rudra veena  lessons to

the son of Maharaja of Gwalior, Shri Balwant Rao Bhaiya.

8)Birthday of Peggy Fleming (1948), American figure skater.

She is the 1968-Olympic Champion in Ladies’ singles and a

three time World Champion (1966-1968). She has been a

television commentator on figure skating  for over 20 years

including several winter Olympic games.

9)Birthday of Bharati Mukherjee  (1940 ),an award winning

Indian-born American novelist and short story writer whose

works reflect the Indian culture and immigrant experience.

She is the winner of ”1988 National Book Critics Circle Award”

for her book named ”Middleman and Other Stories”. She is

currently a professor in the department of English at the

University of California, Berkeley.

10)Birthday of Alexandre Dumas  fils (1824), a French author

and dramatist.He was the son of  Alexandre Dumas Pere (24th

July  1802 to December 5th , 1870) and  Catherine Labay, a dressmaker,

was his mother. Alexandre fils was born in Paris, France.  ”fils” in French

means son  and similar to ”junior” in English. He followed  in  his  father’s

footsteps, and became a celebrated  writer, author and playwright.  He wrote

13 novels and plays-”Denis” & ”Francillon”. In his novel, ”The Illegitimate Son”,

he depicted the tragic fate of unmarried women.His father,

Alexandre Dumas Pere was best known for his stories

and  historical chronicles of  high adventure that captured the

imagination of the French public who eagerly waited to purchase

the continuing sagas.None of the great writers of France  has been

so widely read as Alexandre Dumas Pere. His stories have been

translated into almost a hundred languages and have inspired

more than 200 pictures. His famous novels are-”The Count of

Monte  Cristo”,  ”The Three Musketeers””Twenty Years Later” ,

”The Man in the Iron  Mask”, The Black Tulip”. Most of his

novels were serialized. He also wrote plays, magazine articles

and was a prolific correspondent.His most famous plays are-

”Henry 3rd and His Court”, ”Antony”, & ”The Tower of Nesle”

He was born in Picardy, France. Alexandre Dumas Pere’s son,

Alexandre Dumas fils wrote the most famous novel named,

”The Lady of Camellias”which  was adapted for stage and

16 versions of the novel was performed at  Broadway

Theatre only.The title character of the novel ”Camille”

( in English–speaking world ”The Lady of Camellias”

became known as ”Camille”) is Marguerite, who is

based on Marie Duplessis, the real-life lover of Dumas fils.

He was born in Paris, France.He Died on 27th November, 1895.

11)Odiyoor Mutt Guru, Devananda  Swamiji celebrates his 51st  birthday.

Shri Gurudeva Datta Samsthanam at Odiyoor is a creation of Sri

Gurudevananda Swamiji, an ardent devotee of Pranadeva ( Hanuman

-the master of vital airs ) and worshipper of Lord Dattatreya.Established

in 1989, the Divine Kshetra has been hailed as  Ganagapura of the South.

12)Feast day of Saint Pantaleon. He had been physician to Maximian

who was colleague of Emperor Diocletian. Pantaleon  was the son of

a rich pagan Eustorgius of Nicomedia,near tha Black Sea in Asia.

He was born on 275AD and died on 305AD.He remained life-long

layman and bachelor. Other doctors who were jealous of his

miraculous power  in curing the patients, denounced him to

anti-Chrirstian autorities. They forced him to denounce his

faith but failed .Pantaleon was  martyred during the Diocletianic

Persecution, which was the last and most severe persecution of

Christians in the Roman empire.Diocletian reigned during

284AD to 305AD.



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