Important Events Of July 26th.

1)Birthday of Carl Gustav Jung (1875–1961), author of ”The psychology

of the unconcious”, ”The theory of psycho analysis” &”Analytical


He died on June 6,1961.

His quotes:

a)”Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

b)”Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you”

c)”Knowing your  darkness is the best method for

dealing with the darkness of other people”.

Carl  Gustav Jung was a Swiss  psychiatrist, whose

life work and writings introduce us to individuation

(means wholeness of Self), psychological types,

archetypes and synchronicity. He  introduced the

concepts of  ”introvert” and ”extrovert”.He can be

considered the ”father” of humanistic and transpersonal


2)Birthday of Jugal Hansraj (1972), the  multitalented

Bollywood actor, who  has also worked as  a playback singer .

He  was the director of 2 films,story writer, screen-play writer

and  also dialogue writer. He  even composed the first few lines

of the title track of ”Kuch kuch hota hai”

3)Kargil Vijay Diwas (1999),  marks eviction of Pakistani

intruders from Kargil heights. People pay homage to

Kargil Martyres on this day .

4)Birthday of George Bernard Shah (1856), an Irish–born

British  playwright and winner of 1925 Nobel Prize for

literature He was known for his social idealism. He died

on November 2, 1950. Some of his quotations are:

a)”You see things; and say,”why?” But I  dream things

that never were and I say,”why not?”

b)”Life isn’t about finding  yourself. Life is about

creating yourself.”

5)President of Egypt,  Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalised

the Suez canal  (1956).

6)NASA launched  shuttle Dicovery  on July 26, 2005 from

Kennedy Space Centre  in Florida. Besides delivering supplies,

the shuttle replaced  one of the I.S.S.’s  (International Space Station )

Control Moment Gyroscopes and deployed the MISSE-5 to the

station’s exterior.

7)Elliot Handler died(2011). He was 95.  He founded the Mattel

company  in 1945, together with  his wife Ruth  and his partner

Harold  Matson. The company earned name for its innovative

products–a)  Barbie doll, an American icon and touchstone of cultural

politics   and b)  Hot Wheels, the toy racing car.Elliot  Handler was born

on 4th November, 1916 in Denver,Colorado. His wife  Ruth created the

Barbie doll in 1959, naming it after their daughter Barbara.Later  they

created Ken doll which  paired with Barbie. It was named after their

son  Kenneth who died of brain tumor in 1994. Ruth died in 2002 at

the age of 85.The name Mattel was a combination of the names Matson

and Elliot.

Source: Collection.


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