Important Events Of July 24th

1)Birthday of Manoj Kumar (1937), Bollywood actor.

2)——-do—-of Jennifer Lopez (1969), Hollywood actress.

3)——-do—-of Srividya(1953), Kollywood(Tamil film world) actress.

She was a good singer as well. She died of breast cancer on 19th

October, 2006.

4)King  of Mysore,  Krishna Raja Wadeyar 4th, established Mysore

Legislative Council in 1907 (under Regulation 1 of 1907) in the

princely state of Mysore with a view to associate with the

government, certain number of non-official persons having

practical experience and knowledge of local conditions and

requirements to assist government  in making Laws and

Regulations. In addition  to the Dewan, the President and

the members of Council who were ex-officio members, the

Council consisted of not less than 10 and not more than 15

additional members to be nominated by the government.

The first session of the Legislative Council  of Mysore State

was held in July 24th, 1907 in the Pavilion of Jaganmohan

Palace of Mysore.The Legislative Council was called as the

Representative Council  and was presided by Dewan.The

strength of  Legislative Council was increased to 75 by the

Parliament of India on 8th September, 1987.The Legislature

of Karnataka consists of two houses namely a) the Legislative

Assembly or Vidhana Sabha which is the lower house of the

Legislature and b) Legislative Council or the  Vidhana Parishath

which is the upper house of the Legislature.The first sitting of the

New Assembly was held on 19th December 1956 in the newly built

Vidhana Soudha in Bangalore.

5)Global Trust Bank Ltd was placed under an Order of Moratorium

on July 24, 2004, by the Government of India  for three months

upto Sertember 2004, following an advice  from Reserve Bank

of India after the bank failed to come up with a viable proposal

for raising additional  capital. Taking into account  the interests

of the millions of depositors of Global Trust Bank as well as the

bank’s strength and weaknesses, the Reserve Bank  of India

prepared draft scheme of amalgamation of Global Trust Bank

Ltd with  the Oriental Bank of Commerce. Moratorium is the first

step towards corporate amalgamation in the Company’s Act. It  will

mean that the normal operations of the bank–taking deposits and

giving out loans– will be halted till a solution can be found to rejuvenate

the bank. The amalgamation of the Global Trust Bank Ltd  with the

Oriental Bank of Commerce came into force on 14th August, 2004.

With this, the 161  branches of G.T.Bank started functioning as

branches of O.B.C.  The merger enabled O.B.C. to extend its

business into southern India.



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