Important Events Of July 23rd.

1)Sir Dorab Tata founded New  India Assurance  on 23rd July, 1919;

pioneer, in insuring the first domestic airlines in 1946 and satellite

insurance in 1990.

2)The Ford Motor Company sold its first auto on 1903, a model  A, that

Henry Ford, the American car manufacturer,  himself designed.

3)Death anniversary of  Mehmood Ali, an Indian  actor well known

for his comic roles in Hindi films.(b:29th September, 1932; d:23rd

July,2004) He died in sleep. Mehmood had acted  in over 300 films;

King of Laughs,who lit up innumerable Hindi films of the 60’s with

his unique brand of buffonery;  an icon of comedy and Uncoroneted

Emperor of Bollywood comic world,   died in Pennsylvaniya,  America,

at the age of 72.

4)Birthday of Chandrashekhar Azad (1906),freedom fighter.He was

born to an  impoverished Brahmin family in Bhabra district, Madhya

Pradesh. He sacrificed his life for the nation on February 27th, 1931.

5)Birthday of  Lokamanya Bala Gangadhar Tilak (1856), an Indian

nationalist,teacher,social reformer and freedom fighter. He was a

multifaceted personality. He was called ”Father of National Movement”.

He was a strongest advocate of ”Swaraj”.His famous quote was”Swaraj is

my birthright and I shall have it.” He was born in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra.

He was  a Chitpavan Brahmin by caste.He issued a call for the banning of

child marriage and welcomed widow re-marriage.Through the celebration

of  Ganapathi festival and the birthday of Shivaji, he organised people.

He died on  August 1st, 1920.

6)  Amy Winehouse, (14-9-1983 to 23-7-2011),the soulful

British singer-song writer, who won 5  Grammys in 2008,

at the age of 24, died(2011).She was talented but troubled

.She is considered one of the most important musicians

on the pop scene this millennium, introducing a Jazzy

retro-soul sound to the genre.

7)On July 23, 1927, British Viceroy Lord Irwin inaugurated the

first station of the private ”Indian Broadcasting  Company”,

(which was granted  permission to operate radio station,

by an agreement of 1926 with the government)  in Radio

Club at Apollo bunder of Mumbai.With this, the official

service of radio broadcasting  began in India.However I.B.C.

(Indian Broadcasting Company) went into liquidation 0n

March 1, 1930. Government took over the broadcasting

facilities and started Indian State Broadcasting Service (I.S.B.S.)

on April 1, 1930. On June 8, 1936, the I.S.B.S. was renamed as

All India Radio. In  1957, the name of Akashvani (voice from the sky)

was chosen  as the official name of A.I.R.(All India Radio), the radio

broadcaster of  the Government of India. Dr.M.V.Gopalaswamy,

a professor of psychology in Mysore University, gave this name to

the first radio broadcasting  station, established in the princely

state of Mysore in September, 1935.

8) Morocco’s King Hassan 2nd died (1999) at the age of 70.

He was born on July 9th, 1929. He served as  a back channel

between the Arab world and Israel, facilitating early negotiations

between them.This was made possible due to the presence  in

Israel of a large Moroccan Jewish  community.

9)William Austin Burt (June 13, 1792-August 18, 1858) of

Mount  Vermon  received patent, (signed personally by

President Andrew Jackson,  on July 23, 1829 )

on the typographer,  a forerunner of  typewriter,

invented  by him in America.

He is referred to as the ”Father of  the typewriter”.

He was an American inventor, legislator, a Michigan surveyor

and milowright. He also invented  solar compass and the

equatorial sextant, a precision  navigation aid, to determine

with one observation the location of a ship at sea.



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