Important Events Of July 21st.

1)Pratibha Patil  became the first female President of

the Republic of India on 2007.

2)Sirimavo  Bandaranaike became  world’s  first female

to  hold the post of Prime Minister,  in  Sri Lanka on 1960.

3)Independence day of Belgium. The nation attained

its freedom from the domination  of Netherland in 1831.

4)Manipur is a state in northeastern India with the city

of Imphal as its capital.It was a Union Territory from

1956 and   became the constituent state of the Indian

Union on 1972.

5)Birthday of Anand  Bakshi (1920), music director.

He died on 30th March, 2002.

6)Birthday of Ernest Hemingway (1899 ), American  author.

He died on 2nd July 1961.

7)Birthday of Mallikarjuna Kharge (1942), an Indian

politician and currently the Union Minister of Labour

and Employment of  the Republic of India.

8)Death anniversary of  NASA  astronaut Alan Shepard.

(b:18th November,1923; d: 21st July, 1998). In 1961, he

became  the second person and the first American  in space.

9)Death  anniversary of  Dr. Gangubai Hanagal (2009), Indian

singer of the Khyal genre of Hindustani classical music who was

known for  deep and powerful voice. She belonged to  the Kirana

Gharana. She served as honorary music professor of the Karnataka

University.She was born in Hangal, a small village, near  Dharwar

in North Karnataka,  on 5th March, 1913 .Her father Chikkurao

Nadiger was an agriculturist and mother Ambabai was a vocalist

of Carnatic music. Singing was not considered  appropriate employment

for women of her generation.She struggled against the prejudice and

made a career.She married Gururao Kaulgi, a Brahmin lawyer.

They had two sons and one daughter  named Krishna who died

from cancer in 2004 at the age of 75. Gngubai  was awarded ”Padma

Bhushan (1971)” and ”Padma Vibhushan (2002)” by the Government

of India. Her voice became coarse after the surgery of wind-pipe.

However she did not give up singing and proved that music is

greater than the voice of throat.She died of cardiac  arrest on

21st July , 2009 at her residence in Hubli at the age of 96.

10)Battle of Bull Run was fought in Prince William County, Virginia,

near the city of Manassas.It was the first major land  battle  of American

civil war.

11)Earthquake  followed by tsunami at Crete (the island of Greece) on

365 AD, claimed thousands of  lives (over 5,000  people were killed )

in Greece,Sicily, Cyprus and Alexandria in Egypt.

12)Birthday of Chandu Borde (1934), a retired Indian  cricketer

who was  a member of  the Indian Team between 1958 to 1970.

He was born in Poona,  in Marathi Christian family.

13)Litha, the Summer Solstice, around July 21, marks

the longest day of the year, when powers in nature reach

their heighest point. The Earth is awash  with the fertility

of the pregnant Goddess and the God is at the height of

His power. Fire is lit to mark the longest day. It is a great

time for handfastings, workings of empowerment,

consummation, culmination and magick. Also referred

to as Mid summer.

14)Death anniversary of Basavaraja  Rajaguru (1991), a leading

Hindustani vocal musician in the ”Kirana” gharana tradition.

He was born on  24th August,1917 at Yaliwal, a village in the

Dharwad  district of Karnataka. The blind Ganayogi  Panchakshari

Gawai  gave all his musical knowledge to Basavaraj.He never reached

the level of fame of his contemporaries, Bhimsen Joshi  and Gangubai

Hangal, because he chose to live   a quiet life away from glamour  and

its attendant trappings. He excelled both as  performer and  teacher.

Government of India honoured him with Padma Shri award  on 1975

and Padma Vibhushana Award on 1991.



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