Important Events Of 22nd July.

1)”Pi”-approximation day. (22/7-date and month format-

is an approximate value of ”Pi”).

2)The tricolour National Flag  designed  by Pingali

Venkayya of Machalipatnam was adopted  at the

adhoc meeting of the Constituent Assembly on 22nd July,

1947  with  modification of  Ashoka  chakra  instead of

charaka (spinning wheel) in the center.It’s use and

display are regulated by a code. The National Flag

of India  is  a horizontal rectangular, tricolour (Tiranga)

of deep saffron at the top, white in the middle and dark

green at the bottom in equal proportions. In the centre

of the white band there is Ashoka Chakra, a 24 spoke

wheel in navy blue.  The deep saffron color shows courage

and sacrifice. It is also  called the Bhagwa colour, which is

a symbol of Hinduism.The white colour  indicates peace,

purity and truth. The green colour shows  the growth

and fertility.  The blue  colour for the sky and the ocean

is in Chakra which is the symbol of progress.This  center

symbol  or the ”Chakra” is a Buddhist symbol, dating

back to 200th century BC.

3)Birthday of  Mukhesh Chandra Mathur (1923). He was

an North Indian playback singer of Bollywood. He was

born in Kayastha family in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. He

is best known for the songs he sang for Raj Kapur, a

legendary actor and director of Bollywood in the

1950’s and 1960’s. He received National Film Award

for ”Best Male Playback Singer” for the song in ”Rajanigandha.”

He died of heart attack in Detroit, Michigan,U.S.A. where he  had

gone to perform in a concert on 27th August, 1976. Raj Kapur burst

into tears and remarked, ”I have lost my voice.” Mukhesh, alongside

Mohammed Rafi, Manna Dey and Kishore Kumar left such an impact

on the Hindi  Film Industry that they are still  remembered to date.

4)Birthday of Sadguru  Sant or Guruji Bhadragiri  Keshavadas (1934),

known in the west, as  the founder of the ”Sanatana Vishwa  Dharma

Temple of Cosmic Religion”.He earned his in 1956 from

Mahatma Gandhi Memorial college , Udupi and L.L.B. degree from

Udupi Law college in 1958.He then began his world tour spreading

the ”Sanatana Vishwa Dharma” (concept of cosmic religion), through

”Harikatha”,  a form of storytelling combined with dance and music

and is considered  to be a specific form of spiritual teaching.

5)Twin attacks on a) the government head quarters in Oslo, the

capital of  Norway  and b) on a youth camp  on the idyllic Utoeya

island (on July 22nd 2011 named) killed 92 people and injured

many more in Norway’s deadliest ”post-second world war tragedy”

named as  ”Bloodbath on Black Friday”.



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