A Page From My Diary.

——————————Hari Oum—————————–

1)Divine Corner:

Swami Vivekananda said that India needs Islamic  body (concept

of  brotherhood ) and a Vedantic brain (the idea of  oneness ). One

can add to what Vivekananda said, that along with the Islamic body

and  Vedantic brain, India also needs the heart of Christ.(T.O.I.

-Reader’ view )

2)Quote of the day:

”Life is  a tragedy to those who feel  but a comedy

to those who think.”—Horace Walpole.

3)Health Corner:

a)Swarnaprashana  is a traditional system of administering gold

linctus to children to boost their immunity and memory power.

b)People need to replace water lost through breathing, urinating

and sweating each day–but that doesn’t  necessarily 8 glasses

( 2 litres ) 0f  water. Most people don’t realise they get water

from other sources in the diet. And too much water can be

harmful leading to an imbalance  of sodium in the body, a

condition called hyponatremia.–Wendy Repovich.

– ( a physiologist  at Washington).

4)Do you know?

a)”Thirukkural” is a spiritual literature in Tamil,

comparable to the Vedas; more than 2,000 years old,

written by a humble weaver,Valluvaar, who was born

in Madras.Presented in poetic couplets, the Kural is a

treatise on the 3 fold purposeful direction of life:–

Aram (virtue ), Porul (wealth) and Inbum (love).

b)May Flower  blooms in the Spring season. The word

”May” has been derived from ”Maia Majestas”, the Roman

Goddess of Spring.This month  is devoted to the Goddess

of meditation.The Romans used to start the month with the

worship of Flora, the Goddess of flowers of ancient Rome.

”May Flower” is also the name of a ship (1620).

c)Jazz, rock. pop or semi-classical, all are just different names

given to people, rocking to a set of  beats.


a)Teacher:How the chick comes  out of an egg?

Student:That is not a big question,Sir….How

did the chick entered the egg, is the important question.

b)Mr. A.:I want to go to America.Do you know anyone there,

so that  I can avail their help  in need.

Mr.B:I know  the U.S.A.President Obama, ex-Presidents

George Bush and Bill Clinton.

Mr.A:Oh, you know them all? It’s really great!

Mr. B:I know them, but they don’t know me.

6)Diary:Somewhere I read the meaning of the word ”Hindu”

as the one who does not belong to a particular religion or sect

but a non violent human  being. In Kannada  the word  ‘Hindu”

means one who keeps himself away from violence.”Himse” means

violence in Kannada and ”Dura” means distance.One who distances

himself  from violence is a real Hindu and Ahindu means the

one who possesses opposite qualities of a Hindu.

Vani Hegde.


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