Important Events Of July 20th.

1)Birthday of Edmund  Hillary (1919),a mountaineer,explorer

and  philanthropist. He was a New Zealander and along with

Sherpa mountaineer  Tenzing Norgay (Nepalese  Guide ) reached

the summit of Mount Everest on May 29, 1953.They were part of

the 9th British  Expedition to Everest, led by John Hunt.Hillary

and Tenzing became the first climbers, known to have reached

the summit of Mount Everest.Edmund Hillary died of heart failure

on 11th of January, 2008 at Auckland City Hospital.

2)Death anniversary of Lady Linda, popularly called

as  Meera Behan ( b:Nov 22, 1892—d:July 20, 1982),

a close associate of  Gandhiji. She was a British woman

who  left her home to live and work with Gandhiji, the

leader of the Indian  independent movement. She

devoted her life to the human development, the

advancement of  Gandhiji’s principles and the

freeddom struggle  in India. Gandhiji gave her

the name, ”Mirabehn”, after Meera Bai, the great

devotee of Lord Krishna. She was awarded India’s

second highest civilian honour, ”Padma Vibhushan”

in 1982.

3)Birthday of Naseeruddin Shah (1950), Indian actor and director.

He is considered to be the finest actor of Indian cinema. In 2003,

Government of India honoured him with the ”Padma Bhushana”,

for his contributions towards Indian cinema. He starred in

international project such as ”Monsoon Wedding” in 2001

and a Hollywood comic book adaptation ”The League of

Extraordinary Gentlemen” in 2003 (co-starring Sean

Connery), where he played the role of Captain Nemo.

4)—do—–of Rajendra Kumar (1929),Indian actor, producer

and director. The 1960’s saw him rise like no other stars had been.

He was considered golden boy and Jubilee Kumar.

He died of cancer  on 12th July, 1999, 8 days  before his

70th birthday.

5)Apollo-11 was  the first spaceflight that landed the first

humans on  Earth’s Moon on July 20, 1969.  The mission

carried out by the United States is considered a  major

accomplishment in the history of  space exploitation.

Apollo-11,  was launched  from Kennedy Space Center

at Cape Carnaveral, Florida on July 16, 1969. It was the

5th manned mission and the third lunar mission of

NASA’s Apollo programme and  was crewed  by

1) Commander- Neil Armstrong,2) Command

Module Pilot- Michael Collins and 3) Lunar module

Pilot-Edwin ”buzz” Aldrin Jr. Apollo-11 entered the

lunar arbit on July 19 and on July 20th,  ”Eagle”,

the lunar module, seperated from the command

module and began to descend towards the surface

of the moon;  Armstrong and Aldrin landed in the

area called  ”Sea of Tranquility” and on July 21

became the first humans to walk on the moon, while

Collins orbited above in the  command ship,”Columbia.”

As has been rightly said,”That’s one small step for man,

one giant leap for mankind.”

The astronauts returned to planet Earth with lunar  rocks on July 24.

6)Maharajah of Baroda, Sir Sayajirao Gaekwad 3rd, founded

the Bank of Baroda on July 20, 1908 in the princely state of

Baroda in Gujarat. The Bank with  13 other major Commercial

Banks of India was nationalised on 19th July, 1969 by Government of India.


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