Important Events Of July 18th.

1)In November 2009,United Nation’s General Assembly

declared 18 July as Nelson Mandela International Day.

In 1993, Nobel Peace Prize was  awarded jointly to  Nelson

Mandela & Frederik Wilhelm de Klerk for their  work for the

peaceful terminaion of the apartheid regime and for laying

foundation for a new democratic South Africa. Nelson  was born

on 1918 in  Mvezo a small village located in the district of Umtata.

He belongs to cadet branch of Thembu dynasty.His

original name was Rolihlahla mandela (Nelson was

added later). He served 27 years in prison and released on

February 11, 1990. He served as President of South Africa

from 1994 to 1999.He was an   anti-apartheid activist.

2)Birthday of Priyanka Chopra (1982), an Indian actress

and  former Miss World.

3)Anniversary of  the first successful  flight of satellite-

” Rohini ”(1980)  through  the S.L.V.-3 (Satellite Launch

Vehicle)  from Thumba station at Sri Harikota in Andhra


4)Death of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, the Italian

Renaissance painter on  July 18th, 1610. He  is called Caravaggio

after the small town in Lombardy  where  he was was born on

29th September, 1571.He  is best known as  the brawling Italian

painter, who  did  ”The Calling  of Saint Mathew.”  His paintings

include –”Boy  With a Basket of Fruits” (1593) ;”Beheading of

Saint John, The Baptist” (1608); ”Martyrdom of  Saint Ursula” (1610).

His paintings which combine  a realistic observation of the human state,

both physical and emotional with a dramatic use of lighting, had a

formative influence on the Baroque school of painting.

5)Death of Francesco Petrarch (1374), the  Italian poet. He was

born on  20th July  1304 in Arrezo, Italy. He is often called

”Father of Humanism.” The first depiction of  nature in

European literature appears in his work,”Epistulae.”

He is also known for being the first to develop  the

concept of the ”Dark Ages.” ”The Song Book”, composed

by him contain 366 poems, mostly sonnets to and about

the love of his life, which he could never have”Laura.”

6)World Listening Day is the birthday of Canadian

composer R.Murray Schafer,   who established the

” World  Soundscape Project”, which provided the basis

for  Acoustic  Ecology.



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