Health Corner

1)Smashing a mosquito on human skin can cause fungal

infection in muscles due to smearing  of it’s body parts

into the bite. Just flick away the  blood sucking insects

to check infection.

2)Greek  physician  Paul of Aegina listed the symptoms

of lead (the first and the oldest metal ) poisoning in 650A.D.

3)The symptoms of Diabetes were informed by  Chin Chuan,

a Chinese doctor  in 640 A.D.

4)Be sociable to live longer than loners. People with friends,

family and community involvement were 50 percent less likely

to die early than those with no social life.

5)Intake of junk food(samosa, jelebi,pizza and burger etc.) that

contain maida and oil causes indigestion & deficiency of calcium

which weakens the bones.

Avoid red meat.

Protein diet (Soya,  sprouted pulses), unrefined  carbohydrate

(dalia,poha,chapati  made of whole grain flour),are good for health.

Bread and  biscuits are  not good as they  impart less energy and

increase body  weight.Jaggery and green leafy  vegetables (iron rich)

increase the blood component in the body.The magnesium in jaggery

will strengthen nervous system and iron which is a  composite of

hemoglobin prevents anemia.

6)Insulin given intravenously along with clot-busting  and anti

-coagulation drugs within 3 hours of stroke, improves chances

of survival-says the study.

7)Drinking watere will help in  weight loss.



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