Important Events Of July 17th.

1)World Ice-cream Day is celebrated on 3rd Sunday

of July.

2)In Russia, Bolsheviks  executed Tzar Nicholas  2nd

and family and ushered in Communism in the country.

3)International Criminal Justice Day.It marks the 13th  year  since

the passage of the Rome Statute in 1998, that created International

Criminal Court.

4)Birthday of Camilla Parker Bowles (1947), Duchess of Cornwall,

second wife of Prince Charles  of Britain.

5)Death  anniversary of M.P.Shankar (2008),

Sandalwood(Kannada film) actor and director.He was born

on 20th August, 1935. He dominated the  villain space in

Kannada film industry for a decade. However, he  will be

remembered as a director. He was  a great lover of wild

animals and forests.All  his films carried a message.  Many

of  his films like ”Gandhada Gudi”were strong commentaries

on dwindling forests and fate of wild animals.

6)Birthday of Rev. Benjamin Lewis Rice (1837).

He was born in Bangalore, Karnataka. He mastered

Kannada and translated 9,000 inscriptions from the

state. He  was the first director of the Archaeology Department.

His most notable work is the ”Epigraphia Carnatica”, apart from

the ”Gazetteers” which are  still the go-to books for informations

about the erstwhile Mysore State-writes Meera Iyer.

7)Birthday of Angela  Merkel (1954), Chancellor of Germany.

8)—do—of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei(1939), Iran’s spiritual leader

and highest authority.

9)Padmashri award winner, Arcot Ramaswamy Mudaliar,

(b:October 14, 1887-d:July 17, 1976)was the  last Diwan of

Mysore kingdom (from 1946 to 1949) and the  first president

of the United Nations Economic and Social Council.He was

an Indian lawyer and statesman.

10)Tsunami in Java, Indonesia (2006);  death toll–650.

11)An Alliance Air Boeing-737, crashed into a housing

complex  near the Airport in Patna, killing 56 people

including 5 on the ground ( July 17,2000). The plane was flying to

Delhi via Patna  and Lucknow.



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