Important Events Of July 16th.

1)Birthday of Katrina Kaif (1984),Bollywood actress.

2)Mohammedan era of Hijra started w.e.f. 16th July,

622 A.D.  the day of the flight of  Mohammed, the

Prophet of Islam, from Mecca to Medina.

3)Ocean Day  in Japan.

4) 66th Anniversary of world’s first nuclear weapons

test of an atomic  bomb (1945), in New  Maxico

at the Alamogordo Test  Range on the desert

area in the test named Trinity.The test is credited

as the beginning of the Atomic age.

5)Longest  lunar eclipse, which lasted for 107 minutes,

took place on July 16th,2000, the second of the  two

total eclipses in 2000.It was the longest lunar eclipse

in the last 140 years, since August 13, 1859. The  earth

will witness a similar  one only  sometimes after 3000.

6)100 children die in Kumbhakonam(Tamilnadu)  school fire.

Meal preparation triggers blaze of thatched roof.

7)Death anniversary of ”Padma Shri” K.V.Subbanna (2005),

an acclaimed  dramatist, playwright & writer in Kannada.He

was the founder of world famous NINASAM (drama institute).

In 1991, he was awarded the ”Ramon Magsaysay” award for

journalism, literature and Creative Communication Arts.He

was born on 1932.

8)India performs nuclear test on 1981.

9)Birthday of Aruna Asaf Ali (1909), freedom fighter

and social worker. She was elected as the first Mayor

of Delhi in 1958. She was born at Kalka in Haryana.

Born in an orthodox Hindu Bengali family,Aruna Ganguly

married  in 1928,Asaf Ali, a leader in congress party  at Allahabad.

She was awarded International  Peace Prize in 1964. She was

awarded Bharata Ratna posthumously in 1997, after her death

on July 29th, 1996.

10)Death Anniversary of  Tamil Carnatic music legend,

D.K.Pattammal (2009).She along with her two noted

contemporaries,  M.L.Vasanthakumari and M.S.Subbulakshmi

are popularly referred to as the Female Trinity of Carnatic Music.

She was one of the best Tamil Carnatic musicians, Tamilnadu has

ever given birth to.She was born on  March 28, 1919.  When she

died in 2009,she was 90.

11)Ukraine declares  independence(1990) from Soviet Union.

12)World’s first  mobile hospital train named ”Jeevan Rekha”

or ”Lifeline Express” was launched (1991) by Impact India

Foundation in Mumbai.Impact  India Foundation is a

United Nation’s Inter-Agency Global initiative for the

prevention and cure of Disablement. So far the service

has benefitted 4 lakh Indians.

13)La Paz Bolivia was founded (1548). It is the legislative

capital of Bolivia, the most Indian country in South America.

La Paz means the city that touches the sky.

14)Earthquake in Japan damaged nuclear plant(2007),

releasing 300 gallons of radioactive water.



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