Important Events Of July 14th.

1)Birthday of  Princess Victoria  of Sweden (1977).

2)Bastille Day in France (1789) is celebrated as National Day.

The Bastille was a prison and a symbol of the absolute and

arbitrary  power  of Louis, the 16th’s  Ancient Regime.

On July 14th, 1789 the French mobs stormed the Bastille

and released the thousands of detainers. This marked

the  triumph of  French Revolution that proclaimed

the message of  Liberty, Equality  and Fraternity.

This epic day signifies the  birth of  French Republic.

3)Fire raging through an insane asylum in a  Guatemala

city (1960), Guatemala (located in Central America ) killed

225  and severely injured 300 inmates.

4)Birthday (centenary year) of Terry Thomas (1911),

a distinctive English comic actor. He played  the ”silly ass”

Englishman  in dozens of films.His trademarks were a gap

in the front of his teeth, cigarette holder,ornate  waistcoat

and carnation and a drawing  upper-class voice.

He was famous  for his portrayal of disreputable members

of  upper classes, especially ”cads” with a ”toothbrush”

moustache and catch-phrases.  In 1971,  he was diagnosed

with Parkinson’s disease. He spent his last painful years

living off the charitable contributions of his friends and

admirers.He died in Busbridge Hall nursing home,

Godalming Surrey, a county located in the South

of England on January 8th,1990.

5)Mumbai Gas  disaster (2010); deadly chlorine gas leaked

from a  cylinder in a Mumbai Port Trust godown in Sewri

industrial area; 118 people were hospitalised after they

inhaled the deadly chlorine gas.

6)Death anniversary of Madan Mohan Kohli, a famous

music director of Indian Hindi cinema. He was born on

25th June, 1924  at  Baghdad, Iraq. Later, his whole family

shifted to Mumbai.He won Filmfare award for  his music

compositions in  the film ”Veer Zaara.” He died  on 14th

July, 1975 due to  cirrhosis in the liver.

7)Death anniversary of William Henry Perkin (1907),

an English chemist,( U.K.) a pioneer  of the aniline dye,

which revolutionized the textile industry. He was born

on 12th March, 1838.



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