Important Events Of July 11th.

1)World Census Day is devoted to raise awareness

of population issues. This year’s theme is -”Everyone  counts.”

Analysis of census data can provide the links between population

phenomena and human rights, gender equality, reproductive

health and maternal mortality. The world population  is the

total number of living humans on the planet Earth, currently

estimated to be 6.93 billion  by the  United States Census Bureau.

On this day, on 1987, the world’s population exceeded  5 billion.

World Population Day  was an outgrowth of the interest generated

by the ”Day of  Five Billion.” which was observed on 11  July, 1987.

”World Population Day” was established  by the Governing Council

of the United Nations Development Programme  in 1989.

2)International Day of Action Against Stoning. Capital

punishment by stoning, is an act of sheer barbarism

and hideous crime against  humanity. This horrifying

practice  is still carried out today, by an arbitrary

system of justice. The  International  Committee Against

Stoning  proposed this day at the International Conference

Against  Stoning, held in Naples, Italy on September 26, 2003

and was endorsed by the Conference. July 11 is the day on which

people around the world re-affirm their rejection of stoning.

Human rights activists demand Sakineh’s (an Iranian woman in prison)

release and an end to stoning.

3)Terror attacks at  Bombay (2006); 8 blasts  hit 7 Mumbai local trains

at rush hours; 207 killed and over 800  injured. The event is known as

7/11 blasts.

4)Death anniversary of  Michael Ellis DeBakey (2008), heart surgery

pioneer, inspirational teacher,  accomplished  administrator and

highly respected medical statesman. He was an adviser to every

American President and numerous  other heads of state. He  campaigned

for the U.S.national library of medicine, the world’s largest repository of

medical archives. He was born on September 7, 1908.

5)Death anniversary of  Sir Laurence Olivier (1989), hailed as the greatest

English-speaking  stage and  cine  actor of of his time. He was born  on

May 22, 1907, in Dorking, Surrey England.

6)Naadam  festival is the National day  celebrated in Mongolia

from July 11 to July 13.The festival  celebrates the country’s

heritage  and independence after 7 decades under Soviet

communism. The word Naadam means ”manly  sports”

such as horse racing, archery and wrestling (though females

participated in the first two).The festival commemorates the

anniversary of the 1921 Mongolian Revolution. The country

has one of the oldest cultures in Central Asia.Mongolia is truly

one of the world’s last undiscovered travel destination and a

safe country to travel.



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