Important Events Of July 10th.

1)International Happiness Day, started by Liberta Perada

in Portugal on 2008. If there was a universal language, then the

smile it is. Celebrating this day, helps bring awareness

to happiness and its important role in our lives.

Sharing happiness with your loved ones is one of the

greatest gift anyone can give.

2)International Jawa Day is celebrated on the second

Sunday of  July every year.Owners and fanatics of the

bikes celebrate the event.

3)International Beatle Day started on July 10th, 2008

near Liverpool, U.K. The event was organised with the

44th anniversary of the legendary band’s triumphant

home coming  on July 10, in 1964,after conquering

the fans in U.S.A.

4)Bahamian Independence Day.The islands became

a nation on July 10, 1973.

5)Don’t Step On A Bee Day. Bee number in the U.K.

have halved in the last 20 years. In 2010, a fifth of

bee  colonies didn’t  survive the winter.

6)Birthday of Sunil  Gavaskar (1949), a former

Indian cricketer.

7)Birthday of Arthur Robert Ashe, an African

American tennis player who won 3 Grand

Slam title; he  is also remembered  for his efforts to

further  social causes. He was born in Richmond, Virginia,

on July 10, 1943, He died on February 6th, 1993.

8)Anniversary of the first open heart surgery in 1893

by Daniel Hale Williams (Jan.18,1858 to Aug4, 1931).

He was  the first  African-American cardiologist to

perform surgery  at Provident Hospital, Chicago on

July 10, 1893. He opened the chest of a man and

repaired the pericardium which had been damaged

by a knife stabbing.The patient recovered after 51

days  and lived for another 50 years.Daniel Hale

Williams founded the Provident hospital.He was

born  in Holidaysburg, Pennsylvania.

9)Birthday of Edmund Clerihew Bentley.

He was a popular  English novelist, journalist and humorist

of early 20th century. He was the inventor of the ”clerihew”,

an  irregular poetic form  of  humorous verse on biographical

topics. It is a four–line  verse, adhering to the rhyme scheme,

AABB. His detective novel, ”Trent’s Last  Case” (1913) was

much praised. He was born in London, on 10th July 1875.

He died on march 30th, 1956.

10)Horror on tracks- two trains derail in a span of 24 hours.

69 people were killed  and 150 people were  injured in Kalka

Mail derailment in Uttar Pradesh and  in Assam train blast,

100 people were injured,20 of them critically.



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