Important Events Of July 7th.

1)Birthday of Mahendra Singh Dhoni(1981),Indian  cricketer.

2)—–do—of Gyanendra(1947), the ex-king of Nepal.

3)Death anniversary of Sir Allen Lane (1970),  a  British publisher,

who  founded  ”Penguin  Books Limited” in  1935.

4)Death anniversary of Jaisimha (1999), an Indian test cricketer and

dashing batsman.

5)Death anniversary of  Dr. N. Murari Ballal (2004), wellknown

economist, progressive writer, environmental and social activist.

6)The number, ”U K 77”  is associated with terror attack on U.K.

On July 7th, 2005, suicide bombers attack London’s transport network,

killing 52 commuters and injuring about 700.

7)On July 7th, 2007 an official declaration of the new Seven Wonders

of the Modern World was made, determined from a worldwide poll

organised by the New 7 Wonders Foundation. The declaration was

made in Lisbon, Portugal during tha Official Declaration Ceremony.They are:

1)The Great Wall of China. 2)Petra, Jordan. 3)Christ Redeemer,

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 4)Machu Picchu, Peru. 5)Pyramid at

Chichen, Itza, Maxico. 6)The Roman Colosseum, Italy. 7)Taj

Mahal India.

8)San Fermin Festival is a symbol of Spanish culture. It  is an annual

event which involves the running of the bulls through the  historic

heart of Pamplona for 8 days, w.e.f. July 7. The celebration of the

festival started w.e.f. 1591.The event was made famous by Ernest

Hemingway’s novel, ”The Sun Also Rises.”

9)Highest tsunami  (1,700 feet ), in recorded  history struck

Lituya Bay, Alaska on the night of July 7th in 1958.



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