Important Events Of July 5th.

1)Dolly was a female domestic sheep produced by cloning process in 1996.

She lived  until the age of 6.

2)The Greenhouse  Neutral Foundation declares  the 5th of July as World

Interdependence Day.

3)Birthday of Ram Bilas Paswan (1946), an Indian politician  and  founder

of ”Dalit Sena.”

4)International Bikini Day (1946) marks the debut of Bikini, by French

designer Louis Reard.

5)Birthday of Shane Filan (1979), one of the lead singers in the Irish band


6)Death anniversary of Prof. Ventatagiri  Gowda(2004), noted economist,

academician and former member of Loksabha. He yearned for  ”Perestroika

and Glasnot” for India.

7)Terror strikes at  at Ayodhya  Ram Janmabhumi  make shift temple(2005).

All five were shot dead.

8)Black Tiger Day–for L T T E (The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam) in Sri Lanka.

9)On July 5th, 1954,Presley, a 19 year  old , recorded  the first Rock ”n” Roll song-

”That’s  All Right Mama” in Sun Studios  in Memphis, Tennessee,a state in

Southeastern  United States, Myriad music fans consider this ,  the birth of

Rock ”n” Roll. Although Presley got credit for singing, the  song was not

invented by him. It was  composed and  sung by  African  American

blues  singers.



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