A Page From My Diary.

——————————Hari  Om————————-


–Power of Woman–

She stood her ground  and she  found,

She could move mountain, that stood in her way;

She could change the course of rivers, to flow her way;

She could make the songless fate, sing to her  tune;

She could fly , upto the sky and touch the moon;

All this,  she could  do, she  found,

By simply and firmly standing her ground.


Q:One year old baby  cries less in which month?


3)Quote of the day:”Nature is smarter than scientists.”

4)Health corner:

a)Yoga cures  psychosomatic diseases, which have their origin  in

mental problems like stress, anxiety and depression.

b)Gazing at the screen for hours  on end, cuts down the number

of times  you blink and also  affects normal lubrication of the eye.

Dry air  conditional interiors can also add to  your woes. Exposure

to pollution also affect the eye.

5)Do you know?

Violation of human dignity are–

Torture or  inhuman treatment;

Holding in slavery;

Humiliating  practices;

Punishment imposed  without reasonable justification;

Trafficking in human beings.

6)Divine corner:

We are all  beads strung together on the same threads of love.

The beauty of society lies in  the unity of hearts. Because of lack

of communication of hearts, even those who are  physically close

to us can seem  very far  away.

The body will perish, whether we work or sit idle. So, instead of

rusting away  without doing anything for  society, it is  better

to wear oneself out in the pursuit of good actions.

–Mata Amritanandamayi.

7)Diary:My diary is my locker, where I have deposited

my wealth  which I think  as invaluable. They are witty sayings

and valuable informations gathered from different sources.

I confess that they are not my own but excerpts from the

articles of different authors,  the names of whom I have  omitted to note

down because I had  no intension of posting them in website.

My son taught me how to operate internet and advised me to

post  in website  the great collections of my lifetime,

deposited in my diaries. I have with me collections

of  informations on various subjects,  copied  in my

diaries and before they are eaten by worms or termites,

I want to transfer those collections to my website and all the

appreciations  of  viewers are claimed by the unknown

original  authors and not by me. Writing  keeps me engaged

and I feel  like I am alive.

By Vani Hegde.


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